Publications and preprints

2023 Fibrantly-induced model structures
Joint with Léonard Guetta, Lyne Moser, and Maru Sarazola, arXiv:2301.07801
2022 A model structure for weakly horizontally invariant double categories
Joint with Lyne Moser and Maru Sarazola, arXiv:2007.00588
To appear in Algebraic and Geometric Topology.
2020 A 2Cat-inspired model structure for double categories
Joint with Lyne Moser and Maru Sarazola
In Cahiers de Topologie et Géométrie Différentielle Catégoriques. Volume LXIII-2 (2022), pp. 184-236.
Published version, extended version arXiv:2004.14233
2020 Stable homotopy hypothesis in the Tamsamani model
Joint with Joint with Lyne Moser, Viktoriya Ozornova, Simona Paoli, and Maru Sarazola
In Topology and its Applications, 2022.
Published version, arXiv:2001.05577
2019 Real K-theory for Waldhausen infinity categories with genuine duality
Joint with Hadrian Heine and Markus Spitzweck, arXiv:1911.11682

Other writings

Dold-Kan equivalence and homotopy.
Dissertation for my Master in Mathematics.

An intepretation of the Gerstenhaber algebra structure on Hochschild cohomology. In Spanish.
Dissertation for my Bachelor in Mathematics.